Advancing Children's Health

Child Life Month – Meet Katie

katie pie
Mar 26 2015

Next up in our Child Life Month Month blog series… Meet Katie Barber, CTRS There isn’t much Katie Barber won’t do for her patients – including taking a pie to the face to help #WhipChildhoodCancer! Watch 10-year-old Thomas share a whip cream pie (topped with sprinkles!) with Katie. Q & A with Katie Q: How long have you worked at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR)? I’ve been with CHoR for over 25 years! I worked on the Brook Road Campus in recreation therapy for 16 years before comming to the ASK Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic on the MCV Campus. Q: Why did you decide to become a child life specialist? I always knew that I wanted to... View Article

Every 3 Minutes a Child is Seen in an ER for a Sports-Related Concussion

DUSTY no tat
Mar 24 2015

CHoR is committed to educating families, caregivers and coaches about concussion symptoms and the devastating effects concussions can have – especially for children. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month and we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage all of our readers to stay informed about this important health topic, this month and always. Did you know that 90 percent of most diagnosed concussions do not involve a loss of consciousness and that concussion symptoms may not appear right away? Improving care for concussions – and increasing the community’s understanding of this condition – is a focus of national efforts, educational programming and continued research. As concussions involve more behavior changes than visible physical injuries, it is especially important that... View Article

Child Life Month – Meet Chelsea

Mar 24 2015

Join us in welcoming the newest member of our child life team! Meet Chelsea Preuss, CCLS Chelsea might be a new face at CHoR, but her enthusiasm and dedication are making her well known! Personal experience It takes a special kind of person to support and advocate for children and families in the hospital. While Chelsea’s education and internship prepared her for a career in child life, her childhood experiences have provided her with invaluable insight into what patients and families go through physically, mentally and emotionally in medical situations. Chelsea was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 6-years-old. “I was in the hospital for a week during the month of July, and it was miserable knowing that... View Article

Child Life Month – Meet Kelsey

Mar 23 2015

Next up in our Child Life Month series… Meet Kelsey Williams, MS, CCLS Return to Richmond The team at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) is excited to have certified child life specialist, Kelsey Williams, back on campus! Kelsey completed her practicum at CHoR in July 2013 before heading to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to complete her child life internship. Kelsey’s education and clinical experience have prepared her to support families during a medical crisis, prepare children for surgery, and to just help kids be kids in the hospital. Helping the medicine go down Sometimes younger children and teens (and even adults) have difficulty swallowing pills. Like many supportive aspects of child life, helping a child learn to... View Article

Child Life Month – Meet Heather

Mar 22 2015

Next up in our Child Life Month series we’re introducing you to a child life specialist who has been a part of the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) team for nearly two decades. Meet Heather Kinney, CCLS, CPST During March, we celebrate team members like Heather, a senior child life specialist at CHoR who spends her time helping children and their families cope with the different health challenges and experiences they’re facing. Her passion for children and inspiring dedication is the reason many of her patients have decided they want to be child life specialists when they grow up. A day in the life of a certified child life specialist can take many forms. Some days are full of... View Article

Child Life Month – Meet Siri

Siri balls
Mar 18 2015

March brings St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, March Madness… and Child Life Month! Subscribe to our blog to learn more about child life through this special blog series – we’ll introduce you to our child life team and the patients and families that they serve. Child life specialists Among the many medical specialists, researchers and pediatric experts at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR), stands a group dedicated to helping kids be kids, even while in the hospital. Enter child life specialists, pediatric trained health care professionals that support the developmental, emotional and therapeutic needs of children undergoing medical treatment, while also providing the comfort and support families need. Child life specialists work with children and families... View Article

Advocacy Committee Legislative Update: Recent Gains in Children’s Health in Virginia

Mar 9 2015

Advancing children’s health care is a priority at CHoR – whether it be through the care we provide directly to children in Central Virginia or in our efforts to improve care for all children through our education, research and advocacy programs. CHoR’s Advocacy Committee participates in a variety of advocacy efforts each year, including legislative efforts supporting important health care initiatives related to children’s health and safety. Kendall Lee, Associate Director of VCU Government Relations, shares some of the exciting progress made related to children’s health during the 2015 Regular Session of the Virginia General Assembly, which concluded February 27: This year, CHoR asked Virginia General Assembly Members to support prevention services and expand access to provide the best health... View Article

Time to Brush Up: 11 Healthy Dental Habits for Children

11 dental tips
Feb 27 2015

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Now is a great time to “brush up” on the important tips our specialists recommend for proper dental care for children. Your dental health matters too. From daily brushing and flossing to keeping up with regular visits to your dentist, always set a good example with your own dental care habits! 1. The magic number is “2.” Be sure your children brush 2 times a day for 2 minutes (or that you help them brush for this amount of time). 2. Brushing with a toothbrush begins when a child’s first tooth emerges in the mouth and all children should use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Parents should use a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste... View Article

Pediatrics – the career path of caring, questioning and smiling

Feb 25 2015

Dr. Stefanie Reed is a pediatric chief resident at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. I was recently out to lunch with some friends and the topic drifted to alternative careers – ‘the fallback plan’. Everyone else had ideas – from a chef or event planner – to an author. When it was my turn I thought really hard. I enjoy a lot of hobbies, but I honestly couldn’t name a single career I would rather have than being a doctor. That’s because I’m already living my dream job. You see, since I was able to talk, I’ve been telling people that I wanted to be a doctor. That’s not to say that I didn’t try my hand at a... View Article

Heart month: Celebrating big changes for tiny hearts

Feb 19 2015

Last week on Facebook, we introduced you to 5-month-old Kaylee, a CHoR heart patient who was able to return home four days after undergoing surgery to repair a hole in her heart – just in time for Valentine’s Day. As we celebrate this heart-themed month, and heart patients like Kaylee, we also celebrate the $28 million gift Children’s Hospital Foundation has pledged to advance pediatric heart surgery in Central Virginia through the development of the Children’s Hospital Foundation Heart Center at CHoR. The center’s director, Dr. Thomas Yeh, is a senior board-certified pediatric heart surgeon with nearly 20 years of surgical experience, including thousands of successful pediatric heart surgeries. He was recruited specifically for his experience, surgical outcomes and impressive... View Article