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How to Raise Healthy Eaters in an Unhealthy World

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Jan 13 2015

The older our kids get, the harder it gets to change eating behaviors. Fostering positive eating attitudes and behaviors from a young age can help prevent eating problems down the road. Dr. Melanie Bean,director of clinical and behavioral services for CHoR’s Healthy Lifestyles Center, recommends fostering healthy eating behaviors as early as possible: “If you help children develop healthy eating habits at a young age, when they venture out into the world – which has far more pressure to be unhealthy than it does to be healthy – they are well-equipped to make better choices.” Dr. Bean shares her favorite tips, techniques and considerations for raising healthy eaters below. In general, limit eating to three meals and one or two... View Article

Clinical experience leads to career decision (and a pie in the face!)

Dec 31 2014

by Nicholas Klaiber, MD Pediatric resident The amazing array of patients I encountered, in combination with the sagacious but never ostentatious tutelage of so many experienced senior practitioners, made my intern year at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) immensely enjoyable and instructional. The months passed quickly and before I knew it, my second year arrived bringing a new set of clinical challenges, responsibilities and career decisions to be made. Chief among these, for me, was the choice of which fellowship I would enter following residency. I started residency with the firmly entrenched notion that hematology and oncology was the clinical area that would suit me above all others. Close interactions with multiple subspecialties throughout the year made me... View Article

What Does Bedside Manner Mean to You?
CHoR Providers Named Among Best for Bedside Manner

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Dec 26 2014

Medical expertise and compassionate care should always go hand-in-hand when it comes to treating patients. Going to the doctor or health provider can be an unnerving experience for many people. Professionals who incorporate The Golden Rule into their practice philosophy are ones that stand out in people’s minds for the better. The 2014 Best Bedside Manner Awards, presented by OurHealth Richmond magazine, honor medical providers who were voted by the local community for their kindness, empathy and attentiveness – attributes that go a long way in gaining a patients confidence.* Please join us in congratulating the following CHoR team members who were named in the 2nd Annual Best Bedside Manner Awards: First place winners were asked to provide a quote... View Article

Tis the Season of Giving: CHoR Receives $28 Million Gift to Develop Children’s Hospital Foundation Heart Center

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Dec 16 2014

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University (CHoR) on Tuesday announced an unprecedented $28 million gift from Children’s Hospital Foundation, the single largest gift to pediatric health care in VCU’s history and one that will establish a pediatric cardiac surgery program in Richmond. The gift advances pediatric heart care in Central Virginia through the development of the Children’s Hospital Foundation Heart Center at CHoR. “This is another example of how VCU is helping to ensure that the children of the Richmond region have access to world-class health care in their own backyard,” said Michael Rao, Ph.D., president of VCU and VCU Health System. “We have committed again and again that we will help the people who need us, including... View Article

VCU Begins Construction of New Children’s Psychiatric Facility

Groundbreaking for Virginia Treatment Center for Children, VTCC.
Dec 11 2014

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System broke ground today on the new Virginia Treatment Center for Children pediatric psychiatric facility that will provide increased access to clinical care for children from across the state. The new state-of-the-art pediatric behavioral health center will replace the current 50-year-old facility located on VCU Medical Center’s downtown campus, and will feature technology and architectural designs tailored to creating a therapeutic environment. Patient areas were designed to meet the age-specific, special needs of children and adolescents and to support the needs of families. Slated to be completed by fall 2017, this 32-bed facility will be almost 120,000 square feet and will house inpatient units, outpatient behavioral health office, a Children’s Mental Health Resource Center and the... View Article

Winter Woes: Coats and Car Seats

Dec 10 2014

When we have child safety questions, we turn to our in-house expert, Corri Miller-Hobbs. She’s a mom, registered nurse and Safe Kids Virginia Program Coordinator. Q: How do you help keep kids safe in the car during the winter months? A: Parents can help keep their children warm and safe when traveling this winter by following this car seats and coats tip: Unfortunately if heavy coats, snowsuits, and blankets are worn under the child safety seat straps, caregivers mistakenly think they have the child safety seat straps snug and close to their child’s body, offering protection. In reality, during a crash all the fabric compresses and the child can shift within their safety seat, possibly being thrown from the safety... View Article

Children’s Pavilion ‘Topping Out’ Marks Construction Milestone

Dec 2014
Dec 1 2014

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University (CHoR) on Monday “topped out” its new Children’s Pavilion, marking the placement of the highest steel beam of the pavilion’s 15-story structural frame.With the highest beam in place, CHoR is one step closer to the completion of the region’s most advanced outpatient facility dedicated to children. The $168 million, 640,000-square-foot facility is scheduled to open in 2016. The pavilion will house 72 exam rooms; a surgical area with two operating rooms and two procedure rooms; areas for diagnostic testing, imaging and laboratory services; as well as family amenities, retail space and faculty offices. Construction also will include an attached parking garage with more than 600 spaces.The new facility will enhance the mission... View Article

Recipe for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Nov 10 2014

While many traditional Thanksgiving dishes feature nutritious ingredients, holiday recipes are often loaded with sugar and fat. Dietitians from CHoR suggest the recipes below for a lighter (but still tasty!) twist that maximizes the healthful benefits of three holiday favorites – sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie and fried turkey. Treat your family to a healthier meal this Thanksgiving Day and be sure to keep these options in mind for a nutritious dinner or dessert any of day of the year. Smooshed Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin A and vitamin C among other nutrients. Consider smooshed sweet potatoes as an alternative to traditional mashed potatoes: Ingredients: 2 medium sweet potatoes 2 Tbsp orange juice 1 Tbsp brown sugar... View Article

First Aid for Dental Trauma

oct 30 blog
Oct 30 2014

When a trauma occurs to a baby tooth, the permanent teeth forming under the gums may also be affected. Knowing what steps to take following a dental trauma can make a huge difference in protecting a child’s teeth. In the steps outlined below, Pediatric Dentist Dr. Patrice B. Wunsch provides a general overview of what to do and what to consider when a child’s tooth is chipped, moved or knocked out. This information is based on American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines. For additional dental care tips, visit their website at     Baby tooth trauma What to do if the following occurs to a baby (primary) tooth… Chipped baby tooth Contact your child’s dentist or go to the... View Article

Hands-On Fun: Fall Handprint & Thumbprint Crafts

Oct 15 2014

Get the whole family involved in making Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations this year with art projects that encourage hands-on fun for all ages and ability levels! These fall-themed crafts are recommended by specialists from CHoR’s Child Life Department. Handprint Spider Materials:  White paper Pencil Paint Scissors Googly eyes Glue Trace your child’s hands with a pencil and have your child fill in the handprints with paint or paint your child’s hands and have child make a handprint of each hand. Once the paint is dry, cut out the handprints and have your child glue the edges of the palms together then glue googly eyes in the middle of the “spider” creation. Note: This activity could be enhanced by helping children... View Article