5 Steps for 5K Training

May 30 2013

By Dr. R. Lee Franco, Department of Health & Human Performance A version of this blog post originally appeared in CHoR’s Spring 2013 TidBits Newsletter Spring Tidbits-Web In general, today’s lifestyles are very different than they were 30 years ago. Gone are the days when the majority of children walked to school and had both recess and a gym class daily. Gone are the days when children roamed neighborhoods playing until dinner. Add this to a drastic change in nutrition, where food portions are larger, snacks are provided more often, and sodas have exploded as an alternative to milk or water. All of these factors lead to a combination that disrupts one’s energy balance, resulting in more calories consumed than... View Article

Little Miss Fashionista

May 17 2013

As Jasmine tries to pick out the perfect outfit, she talks about her love of fashion and recounts the time she dressed her older brother up to look like Usher. She has been interested in fashion ever since she can remember, and like many fashionable 11-year-old girls, her favorite color is pink. With her bright, ear-to-ear smile and her infectious laugh, you’d never know that inside, Jasmine’s body is battling sickle cell anemia. Soon after Jasmine was born at MCV, she was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia, a blood disorder which is often hereditary. Sickle cell anemia affects hemoglobin, the protein found in red blood cells, which helps carry oxygen throughout the body. The disorder causes red blood cells to change... View Article

Putting Our Children First

May 12 2013

By Suzanne R. Lavoie, MD, Professor and Chief, Division of  Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU I certainly did not take the traditional route to parenthood. At the age of 42, I had achieved many of the career goals I had set out to accomplish. As a pediatrician, I spent most of my life focusing on my career and- I’ll admit it – I was a workaholic, often staying at the hospital past 8 p.m. I wrongly assumed Mr. Right would find me there, just as I believed my parents when they assured me Santa would find my house, chimney or no chimney! Being raised in a close knit family of seven children, family has always been... View Article

‘Kids will be kids,’ if child life has anything to say about it!

May 8 2013

Ask Siri Bream what she does for a living and she would probably say, “I play with kids.” But, as a child life specialist at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, her specialty entails much more than that. Among the many medical specialties, research capabilities and pediatric experts at CHoR, stands a group dedicated to helping kids be kids, even while in the hospital. Enter Child Life, a group that supports the developmental, emotional and therapeutic needs of children undergoing medical treatment, while also providing the comfort and support families need. For those of us who no longer take time out of our day to color and play Candy Land, the important benefits play provides children undergoing chemotherapy treatments or... View Article

Caring for Kids Inside and Out

May 3 2013

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve taken you on a behind the scenes tour of some of the facilities at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. You’ve seen the private rooms in the PICU, the pictures of NICU graduates and even the “fish bowl” at the ASK Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic. You’ve also had the opportunity to virtually experience inpatient amenities on the MCV Campus, like the rooftop Children’s Garden and the KiwanisFamilyCareCenter. However, amongst all of the various facilities and amenities that set us apart, there is a group that creates the soul of our hospital, the staff. The physicians and staff at CHoR understand the unique nature of treating children. We have pediatric specialists in everything... View Article

April Showers Bring May…Sneezes!

May 1 2013

Spring is finally here. Flowers are starting to bloom again and the weather is getting warmer; welcoming outside activities such as picnics and playing in the park. But spring also brings a relentless pest…seasonal allergies. Rather than breaking out the tissues and wallowing in allergy despair, Dr. Santhosh Kumar, a specialist in the pediatric allergy and immunology division at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR), suggests some tips on how to discover what specific allergies may be affecting your child and how to best treat them, while still letting kids be kids. Did you know that children most commonly have seasonal allergies to tree, grass and weed pollens? These allergies are worst during the spring, summer and even early... View Article