Snow Day Safety

Jan 30 2014

As your kids enjoy a few days off from school, and we enjoy the beauty of a white winter, it’s important to remember that cold weather brings challenges and safety concerns. Corri Miller-Hobbs, RN, Safe Kids Virginia Program Coordinator, offers the following safety tips to keep our families safe this winter. Dress Appropriately In order to play outside in the snow, kids should be wearing water repellant or water resistant cold weather gear and layers. Footwear should have traction to prevent slipping and should also be water resistant to keep feet dry. Gloves are also important, and hats are preferable to earmuffs as they keep in more heat. Kids should never be put in clothes with a drawstring or other... View Article

5 Tips for Keeping Your Child Flu Free

Jan 23 2014

Did you know the flu is responsible for thousands of hospitalizations and deaths each year? Though factors like start date, strain, severity and effectiveness of the vaccine are left primarily up to chance, one thing is certain…The flu is inevitable (nowadays, you can even track the spread online via Google flu trends)! With the Flu season in full swing, here are five questions most parents are probably asking: 1. What is the best way to avoid contracting the flu? According to Linda Meloy MD, general pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR), vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and your children. Vaccination is especially important for children, who are more susceptible to the illness due to less... View Article

Stepping Towards a Healthier Year

Jan 17 2014

As we all set our New Year’s resolutions and decide on our goals for the year, getting your family active should be at the top of the list! Healthy habits begin at a young age, so instituting healthy lifestyle changes now will set your children up for a lifetime of health and happiness. Now, with the increased emphasis on long-term healthy weight management, it’s even more important to find ways to get kids moving and keep them active for a lifetime. The proven benefits of regular physical activity, combined with a nationwide interest in interactive technology, has sparked the development of many devices capable of tracking daily physical activity and the amount of energy used during an activity (caloric expenditure).... View Article

The Dangerous “Push-Through” Mentality

Jan 9 2014

“In some respects, I’m almost glad I don’t have a son because of the pressures he would face and the physical toll that it could possibly take on him. I would be real leery of him playing football,” said Brett Favre in an interview about the physicals risks of playing football. Brett Favre played football for over 20 years and is just starting to recognize the toll the game can take on your body, citing memory loss as one of his symptoms. It’s not just professional football players who should be concerned about the effects contact sports have on long-term health issues, especially when it comes to concussions. Over the past few years, doctors have started to expand their understanding... View Article