Eczema 101

May 8 2014

Sixty-five percent of eczema patients are diagnosed in the first year of life and 90 percent of patients with eczema experience it before age 5. It is estimated that atopic dermatitis, the most severe and long-lasting kind of eczema, affects over 30 million Americans. Dr. Laurie Shinn, a dermatologist at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, gives us a 101 course in identifying and treating this common condition. What is eczema? Eczema is a sensitivity of the skin to its surroundings. Many things that cause eczema to flare are irritants (items that cause skin irritation), but others are true allergens (items that cause an allergic reaction). If your child has eczema, it helps to talk with their doctor about which... View Article

Invasion of the Allergens

May 1 2014

Well if the watery eyes, sneezing kids and pollen covered cars didn’t clue you in… it’s officially allergy season and the allergens are out in full swing! To help us make it through the season without locking ourselves indoors, Dr. Santhosh Kumar, a specialist in the pediatric allergy and immunology division at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR), gives us a lesson in the basics of nasal allergies. What does the term allergy mean? Allergy is a condition where the body over-responds to a harmless substance. There are different types of allergies, although the basic underlying process is the same. When substances trigger an allergic response in the nose, we have nasal allergies. Other common types include food, drug... View Article