Know the Signs of Vision and Eye Problems

Sep 16 2014

If detected and treated early, many vision and eye problems can be minimized or even reversed. In addition to making sure children receive their routine childhood eye exams, parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms vision and eye problems – and when and where to go for help. In the article below, general pediatrician Dr. Linda Meloy reviews what parents need to watch for related to a child’s vision and eyes. The start of a new school year is a great time to brush up on this information as the symptoms of vision problems often become more evident when a child is attempting to read, write or complete other school-related activities. Eye Exams Routine vision exams start with... View Article

A Formula for Healthier Pasta

healthy meal hands
Sep 10 2014

When planning your family’s meals, focusing more on fruits and vegetables is best – with the goal of having fruits and/or veggies make up at least half of each meal. For pasta recipes, it’s ideal to include TWICE as many veggies as pasta and EQUAL PARTS pasta and protein. Below is a list of recommended veggies and proteins that you can add to your favorite pasta recipes to create healthier meals using this “formula.” These suggestions are provided by Ashley Cappel, registered dietitian for CHoR’s Healthy Lifestyles Center. Check out some of Ashley’s favorite healthy versions of traditional pasta recipes – Lemon Pasta, Pasta Pesto and Fettuccine Alfredo – and be sure to toss in some of the recommended veggies... View Article

For a Great Start to the School Year, Nuture a Healthy Inner Voice

Sept 2014
Sep 3 2014

Though it is something to consider throughout the year, the start of a new school year can be a particularly important time to reflect on the ways we can help nurture a child’s inner voice. In the article below, licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Josie Castaldi shares information about the many ways adults can influence a child’s inner voice and self-confidence. All of us have an inner voice that has the potential to either coach and soothe us in a positive manner or criticize and belittle us in a negative way. When children are young and spending much of their time being cared for by adults, they begin to take in the messages we provide verbally, as well as from the... View Article