First Aid for Dental Trauma

oct 30 blog
Oct 30 2014

When a trauma occurs to a baby tooth, the permanent teeth forming under the gums may also be affected. Knowing what steps to take following a dental trauma can make a huge difference in protecting a child’s teeth. In the steps outlined below, Pediatric Dentist Dr. Patrice B. Wunsch provides a general overview of what to do and what to consider when a child’s tooth is chipped, moved or knocked out. This information is based on American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines. For additional dental care tips, visit their website at     Baby tooth trauma What to do if the following occurs to a baby (primary) tooth… Chipped baby tooth Contact your child’s dentist or go to the... View Article

Hands-On Fun: Fall Handprint & Thumbprint Crafts

Oct 15 2014

Get the whole family involved in making Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations this year with art projects that encourage hands-on fun for all ages and ability levels! These fall-themed crafts are recommended by specialists from CHoR’s Child Life Department. Handprint Spider Materials:  White paper Pencil Paint Scissors Googly eyes Glue Trace your child’s hands with a pencil and have your child fill in the handprints with paint or paint your child’s hands and have child make a handprint of each hand. Once the paint is dry, cut out the handprints and have your child glue the edges of the palms together then glue googly eyes in the middle of the “spider” creation. Note: This activity could be enhanced by helping children... View Article