Skin Care 101: Tips for Minimizing Scars

Jul 21 2015

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it has many functions. It helps us to maintain our body temperature, keeps out germs, and allows us to be comfortable in different environments such as water or air. Scars develop where the skin heals itself, and it is important to be aware that these areas can more easily be damaged by sun exposure. Here’s what you need to know about minimizing scarring, caring for scars in the sun, and treatment options that are currently available to help reduce scars. This article is part of a series on skin care by Dr. Laurie Shinn, a pediatric dermatologist. What is a scar? Scarring occurs when collagen, the thick fibrous-like tissue that gives our... View Article

A Better Tomorrow for Joshua

Jul 1 2015

Dawn McCoy vividly remembers crying on the shoulder of the nurse during her son’s first meeting with CHoR gastroenterologist Dr. Martin Graham. She was overwhelmed with frustration, having just learned that much of what Joshua had been eating was causing his medical issues to worsen. At the time, 18-month-old Joshua was “in crisis.” He was unable to keep food down and was very small for his age. His skin was inflamed with hives and eczema – “literally falling off,” Dawn says – and he constantly scratched his head and body with such force that he’d developed bald patches on his head. Dawn had taken Joshua to a number of skin and allergy specialists, but had not seen significant improvement. Wondering... View Article