Research studies, clinical trials and how to learn more

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Dec 12 2015

Making new discoveries that improve understanding and treatment of childhood diseases is an important part of CHoR’s mission. Dr. Henry Rozycki, CHoR’s Vice Chair for Research, answers some common questions about research studies and how research affects health care. What are research studies and why are they important to pediatric care? Research is the process of gathering and analyzing information to answer a question. A research study is the process of analyzing this information, or data, with the purpose of providing results that can be useful for a larger group. Studying how well a doctor’s patients do after a visit is only considered to be a “study” when the results are analyzed and presented to an audience beyond the doctor’s... View Article

When the holidays hurt
Missing loved ones this time of year

Dec 9 2015

Holidays or special days like birthdays and anniversaries can be difficult days for people who are grieving the loss of something or someone very meaningful in their lives. Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and Thanksgiving are often the most difficult as more than any other, these days mean family togetherness. It is at these times that we are acutely aware of the void in our lives. For many, particularly at Christmas, we just want to skip it and go from December 24th to 27th. We continually hear carols being sung and people saying Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays when we may not be feeling so happy inside. Doing our holiday gift shopping, we see the perfect gift for our loved one who has died... View Article