Meet Liam, our June Calendar Kid

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Jun 24 2016

“Even when he’s not feeling his best, Liam still manages to smile or say something to make those around him smile,” says Tamara Neiderer, the CHoR team member who nominated Liam for our 2016 TidBits Calendar. Tamara is a certified occupational therapy assistant and part of the Feeding Program team that helped Liam develop the skills he needed to eat by mouth. Liam was a micro preemie and, because of many medical complications, he developed an aversion to anything or anyone coming near his mouth including food. According to his mom Shannon, when Liam began day patient feeding therapy last summer he was completely dependent on his feeding tube for nutrition. “Liam spent two months with the fabulous Feeding Program... View Article

Today is ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day…
One simple question has the power to save a life

Three multi-ethnic children enjoying sidewalk chalk in residential driveway.
Jun 21 2016

A gun, found by a child, can change lives forever in just a few moments. On ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Day, June 21, parents are reminded how important it is to ask other parents and caregivers if there is a gun in the home where their child is going to play. One-third of households with children under age 17 have a gun in the home, so it is highly likely that at some point your child will visit a home where guns are present. All parents  need to be comfortable asking if there are guns in the homes their children visit and, if so, whether the guns and ammunition are safely locked and stored. These questions have the power to save... View Article

Safer jumping: Important trampoline safetytips

Jun 17 2016

  Visiting a trampoline park is a popular activity for indoor active fun on a hot summer day, but safety needs to be a priority as broken bones and other serious injuries can occur during trampoline use. In the article below, pediatric orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Joanna Horstmann shares important information about safety precautions and related risks: Not recommended for home use Did you know… the trampoline was originally invented as a specialized tool designed to train gymnasts, acrobats and military pilots? During the last two decades, trampoline use has become more popular as a recreational activity. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cautions families against home use of trampolines and suggests safety precautions for commercial jump parks. “One at a... View Article