Meet Eleanor, our August Calendar Kid

Aug 31 2016

Despite what she faces on a daily basis, Eleanor Brooks finds time for childhood fun. She likes to read, do embroidery, make jewelry, draw and paint. She also loves music and dancing, and when she’s physically able to, she takes piano and ice skating lessons. At home, you’ll likely find her doing yoga, baking or playing with her little brother Mark and little sister Marianna. “She’s a silly, normal 8-year-old girl,” her mom Aronne says, “and no matter what she’s going through, or how she feels, Eleanor usually always has a smile on her face.” Eleanor’s familiar smile was one of the many reasons Dr. Gita Massey, Eleanor’s primary oncologist in the ASK Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic, nominated her for... View Article

Coming soon to a grocery store near you! New Nutrition Facts label

Aug 9 2016

The Nutrition Facts panel is getting a new look! Many consumers find that they are able to use the information on this panel to make informed decisions about food. By July 2018, most food manufacturers will be required to follow new FDA labeling standards, which are intended to give consumers more relevant nutrition information in an easy-to-understand panel format.  The labels may be popping up on grocery store shelves ahead of schedule, so here’s an advance look at what you can expect to see at a store near you, and how you can use this information! Q: Why is some of the information on the Nutrition Facts panel in bigger, bolder print? The following pieces of information will be in... View Article

Sensory play: A fun developmental tool for all kids

Aug 3 2016

While all children can seem particular about their likes and dislikes, children with sensory processing disorder (also called sensory integration dysfunction) will be so severely affected by their sensory preferences that it interferes with their normal, everyday functioning. Treatment for sensory processing disorder is a fun, play-based intervention that takes place in a sensory-rich environment typically under the guidance of an occupational therapist. Many families have requested more information about this topic and we thought summer was ideal time to share some therapist-recommended and kid-approved sensory activities that can be a fun way for any child to develop sensory processing skills.   What is sensory processing? Remember those five senses you learned about in elementary school – sight, sound, touch,... View Article

Healthy eating strategies:
How to win the veggie wars

Aug 2 2016

For optimal health, it is recommended that children eat at least FIVE SERVINGS of vegetables and fruits per day. Filling HALF of your child’s plate with veggies and fruits – not chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese, but broccoli, green beans or Brussels sprouts – will help your child reach this goal.  Providing the veggies, however, is only half the battle. Getting your little ones to choose to eat these foods is the real victory. Luckily, there are strategies and recipes that can help. Here are a few recommendations from dietitians at CHoR’s Healthy Lifestyles Center and a quick and easy way to measure the recommended five daily servings: Make a schedule and stick to it. Children need... View Article