Childhood headaches: What to watch for and when to be concerned

Sep 30 2016

In response to requests for more information about children’s headaches, members of our neurology team compiled answers to some of the questions they often hear related to how to help minimize childhood headaches and when to seek professional help.  Are headaches common during childhood? Headaches are a common problem in children, a frequent reason for doctor visits and the most common complaint for which people see a neurologist. They can begin at any age and often worsen during adolescence. What are common headache triggers for children? There are many common reasons for childhood headaches. Common “triggers” include: Poor water intake Skipping meals Poor sleep habits Allergies Weather changes Neck strain from excessive use of electronic devices (known as “text neck”) For... View Article

Meet Ariel, our September Calendar Kid

Sep 26 2016

Ariel Benjamin, our September 2016 “Calendar Kid,” enjoys Legos, video games and bike riding and hopes to be a computer programmer someday. Ariel is one of many children in Central Virginia who come to CHoR for gastroenterology and nutrition services. Ariel has Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition that attacks the digestive system and causes painful stomach issues. Approximately 700,000 people in the United States are affected by Crohn’s and in need of ongoing treatment and medication. Most also eventually need surgery to conserve the digestive track. Digestive problems are among the most common childhood ailments and CHoR provides the most comprehensive pediatric GI services in the region. Our GI team includes board-certified gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, dietitians, nurses and a psychologist.... View Article

Pavilion fun: Exploring elements of nature

Sep 22 2016

Our new Children’s Pavilion was designed for better coordination of care and easy navigation for families, but creating a positive and comforting environment was also a major focus of the interior design. Elements of nature found in our community are incorporated in unique ways throughout the building, adding some kid-friendly fun to the overall design. “The overall design concept for the building is derived from nature to include water, forest and sky,” said Leslie Hanson, principal architect on the project designed by HKS Inc., in a Richmond-Times Dispatch article about the opening of the Pavilion. “The James River running through this region of Richmond plays an integral role to the concept being used in the building, blending the exterior and interior experience... View Article

Back to school: Addressing mental health concerns in a school setting

Sep 9 2016

NPR Ed’s recent series exploring mental health in schools found that in a classroom of 25 students, five of them may be struggling with depression, anxiety or substance abuse, and yet nearly 80 percent of children who need mental health services won’t get them. According to the first article in the series, experts say that schools could play a role in identifying students with problems and helping them succeed, but it’s a role many schools aren’t prepared for. In the Q&A that follows, Dr. Aradhana “Bela” Sood, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at CHoR’s Virginia Treatment Center for Children, shares specifics on what teachers and other school professionals need to be aware of to be more prepared to help and why... View Article

Skill-building crafts: From caterpillars to butterflies

Sep 2 2016

The crafts featured below were selected by occupational therapist Jessica Lynn. Both projects involve specific tasks that support the development of a child’s hand and finger skills and in the “skill builder” sections that follow each description, Jessica highlights some specific skills a child develops when making these and suggests additional ways these cute, easy-to-do-at-home projects can be used for additional skill-building fun! Safety tip: Always supervise children closely when they are using craft supplies! Clothespin caterpillars Materials needed: Clothespin Craft glue Fuzzy pom-poms Pipe cleaner Googly eyes Directions: – Run a line of glue down the top side of the clothespin. Let glue set for about a minute (this helps pom-poms stay in place) then carefully place pom-poms in... View Article