Is it a vision problem?
Know what to watch for during the start of a new school year

Oct 28 2016

Is your child complaining that it’s too hard to read the board in class? Have you noticed your child having problems completing reading assignments or complaining of headaches when reading? It’s a great time to be aware of the signs of vision and eye problems, as these issues often become more apparent in the first months of the school year – especially during homework and study time. Our new pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Evan Silverstein shares tips on what to watch for and how to help. Early treatment is important If treated early, many vision and eye problems can be minimized, or even reversed. In addition to making sure children receive childhood vision screens at the pediatrician, parents should be aware of the... View Article

Pavilion fun: Expert-recommended activities to keep ‘em occupied

Oct 26 2016

Keeping kids happy, calm and entertained during a doctor’s visit or an outpatient procedure can sometimes be a challenge. The following tips from child life specialist Katie Barber can help you pass the time in a fun way and help your children feel more calm and relaxed. Some of the ideas listed below are geared specifically to enhance your experience at our new Children’s Pavilion but all of these concepts can be used with your child at any medical visit to any facility.  Fun ways to pass the time – Pick a beep, buzz or other noise you hear often in a medical setting and give your child a hug or high five every time you hear it. – Make... View Article

From the Healthy Lifestyles Center recipe files… Fun & Fruity Banana Split

fresh fruits salad
Oct 20 2016

Presenting healthy food in a fun or familiar way makes it more likely children will eat it. Here’s a healthy twist on a fun, kid-friendly favorite that provides lots of options for adding to a child’s recommended daily fruit and dairy intake. Healthy Lifestyles Center dietitian Sonya Islam recommends this protein-packed twist on a banana split as breakfast treat, meal or light dessert. Happy (healthy!) eating. What makes this version so much better for you than an ordinary banana split? Greek yogurt is firm enough to stay rounded in scoops for the classic look of a banana split, but using it instead of ice cream adds more protein and calcium while dialing back calories! Also, instead of sugary sprinkles, toasted... View Article

Think outside the gym for active fun

Oct 13 2016

The Surgeon General of the United States recommends children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and adults get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.* This may sound like a lot of time, and busy schedules can sometimes get in the way, but the great thing about physical activity is that is doesn’t always have to take place in a gym. There are tons of other ways to meet the daily recommendation by doing other, enjoyable activities at home, in your neighborhood or during a fun family outing without realizing you are getting a workout. What counts as physical activity? Physical activity is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires the body... View Article