Can I have ice cream for breakfast?
Kai’Ayshia’s story

Nov 22 2016

By Dr. Thomas Yeh Content originally published on It’s easy to lose your perspective in the rush of surgery. As a children’s heart surgeon, it has been my life’s greatest privilege to be part of many wonderful moments that changed lives for thousands of patients in Toronto, Louisville, Dallas, New Orleans, and now, in Richmond. Recently, a patient gave me pause to step back, savor the moment, and celebrate the wealth of talent here in Richmond that can be brought to bear when a child needs it. This is the story of Kai’Ayshia, a beautiful 4-year old girl, and her mother, whose concern grew with the growing stream of doctors checking on them and the echocardiography screen being used... View Article

Lessons from Dr. Darth Vader (aka Dr. Lee)

Nov 18 2016

By Lisa Crutchfield Photography by Allen Jones, VCU University Marketing Content originally published by VCU School of Medicine in 12th & Marshall.  On normal days, pediatric hospitalist Dr. Clifton Lee, dons his usual white coat and gathers the students and residents for the morning’s rounds. The associate professor is known in the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU for his compassionate and family-centered bedside manner when visiting patients. But one day a year, things get a little unconventional. On Halloween, it’s Dr. Darth Vader making those rounds, accompanied by residents and students also dressed as Star Wars characters. “You need a human aspect to medicine instead of talking about tests and medications,” Lee says. “Without that, it’s not a complete... View Article