Preparing for surgery as a family

Adorable little doctor
Apr 12 2017

Surgery can cause anxiety for both children and parents, particularly when experiencing it for the first time. Child Life Specialist Siri Bream has some preparation tips to help everyone face the day with confidence. How can parents prepare? The best thing you can do as a parent is educate yourself first. Ask questions of the health care team so you feel like you have a good understanding of what to expect. Talking with your child Be honest when talking with your child about an upcoming surgery and explain it in a way that they will understand. Listen to your child’s questions to see if they have any misconceptions so you can help alleviate these fears. You know your child, so... View Article

Social media safety tips for the health care setting and beyond

A happy, young female patient with a medical bracelet takes a self portrait on her mobile phone while she waits for a doctor in an examination room at a hospital.  British Columbia, Canada
Apr 7 2017

Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with friends and family. It has also opened new doors for people with ill intentions to take advantage of others. Whether it’s your baby’s first doctor’s appointment or celebration after a successful therapy visit, be mindful of what you share online to protect your child’s private health information. When you’re in the hospital or another health care setting, there are some specific guidelines to keep in mind prior to posting on social media. Be sure that there are no other patients in the background of photos. This is an important privacy consideration. Ask health care team members for their permission before including them in photos. For your safety and privacy,... View Article

‘Top Docs’ for kids in our community

Apr 6 2017

Each year Richmond magazine asks doctors in Central Virginia to nominate fellow ‘Top Docs’ in the region. In 2016, 63 Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU docs were recognized. This year 68 of our physicians and surgeons made the list, with a representative in every pediatric category of the survey. The magazine named ‘Top Docs’ across 90 categories. Pick up a copy of the April issue  to view the full list. “It is exciting to see the number of CHoR ‘Top Docs’ increase as we grow and strengthen our bench of pediatric physicians and surgeons,” said Jeniece Roane, interim vice president of Children’s Services at CHoR. “You’ll see many familiar faces on the list and a number of our new and bright junior faculty.” “We... View Article

Helping your anxious child

Apr 1 2017

Dealing with an anxious, distressed child can be one of the most heart-wrenching experiences for a parent. And while your instinct may be to be protective and minimize a child’s distress, doing this can actually worsen their anxiety in the long term. Helping children to understand anxiety – and encouraging them to face their fears – can be a much more effective approach, according to childhood anxiety expert Dr. Jaee Bodas. Here’s more from Dr. Bodas on childhood anxiety and this positive approach: Break the cycle of anxiety When a child is scared of going to school, they may exhibit anxious behaviors such as crying, screaming and pleading to stay home. When parents then allow the child to stay home, the child’s... View Article