Advancing Children's Health
Educating and engaging the community

VCU Health System is committed to advancing children’s health by proposing to build a world-class children’s hospital dedicated to the unique needs of all children.


In June, VCU announced its proposal to build a freestanding children’s hospital. VCU President, Dr. Michael Rao, appointed a Strategic Advisory Committee of the VCU Health System Board to study the proposal and gather input from key stakeholders.

The Committee held a series of community meetings throughout the summer to educate and engage with community stakeholders regarding the proposal. The Committee had the opportunity to hear from parents, pediatricians, community leaders, donors, health system leaders and others, and will use this feedback to develop its recommendation back to the full Board.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who contributed to this process –both for their time and insights regarding the freestanding children’s hospital proposal and how we hope to continue advancing children’s health in our community.

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