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Looking for our 2017 calendar kids and monthly articles? New ones are posted each month. into the pediatric emergency room at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) is like entering a vibrant rainforest, a far contrast from adult hospital environments. Children and their families are greeted in CHoR’s rainforest-themed ER by frogs, toucans, monkeys…and a compassionate pediatric medical team.As part of VCU Medical Center, the region’s only designated level 1 trauma center, CHoR’s pediatric emergency room (ER) provides the highest level of emergency... View Article

Apr 9 2013 you walk into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR), the first thing you will see are the smiling faces in the pictures of NICU graduates. From the play room for siblings to the talented specialists, the NICU at CHoR takes some stress off new parents while their baby gets strong enough to go home. With babies staying anywhere from 48 hours to... View Article

Apr 5 2013“With features like playrooms, an air hockey table and a rooftop Children’s Garden, you would hardly remember you’re in a hospital,” said Siri Bream, certified child life specialist at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.The Acute Care Units at CHoR serve children with acute or chronic illnesses and injuries. The units are divided by age with 17 beds for infants and toddlers under age 4 and 24 beds for older... View Article

Apr 3 2013

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Mar 30 2013

In honor of Doctor’s Day, we’re continuing to reveal the mysterious superheroes behind Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s doctors. Discover the secret super powers and superhero personas of these awesome children’s doctors.Rajanya Petersson, MD, Assistant Professor of the Division of Otolaryngology (that’s a fancy long word for ear, nose and throat medicine) is new to team CHoR. In addition to being a member of the 2000 Olympic U.S. Women’s... View Article

Mar 30 2013

The mystery of some of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s superhero personas is finally being revealed. Ladies and gentleman, meet your first four superhero doctors.Timothy Bunchman, MD, Professor and Chief of the Division of Nephrology, joined the CHoR staff in 2011 and successfully revitalized the hospital’s nephrology services, making if the only program of its kind in the region. Since then, many began suspecting that Dr.Bunchman’s powers were beyond... View Article

Mar 29 2013

In honor of Doctor’s Day, some of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s super doctors are officially revealing their superhero personas tomorrow! Each doctor possesses a unique superpower that helps them provide the best care to their patients.  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Until then, can you guess who the secret super doctors are and each of their superpowers?Don’t forget to have your child enter our Doctor’s Day... View Article

Mar 28 2013

While most of us non-fairytale creatures don’t keep poisoned apples lying around the house, you might be surprised by what harmful items are lurking in the dark shadows of your cabinets and closets. When child-proofing your home, you probably think of the common steps like covering sockets, removing small objects that might be choking hazards, putting a gate on the stairs and watching sharp corners and edges. But, do you... View Article

Mar 22 2013

Welcome to the team!

Mar 20 2013

Every year, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) has the privilege of welcoming a new team of residents who bring added excitement and expertise to the hospital. The residency program provides an exceptionally comprehensive and challenging pediatric educational experience, giving interns the opportunity to experience a wide variety of clinical care situations. This year, we are extremely proud to welcome the following residents to the Intern Class of 2013... View Article

Mar 20 2013

Do I look fat in this? It’s a question we have all asked, or at least thought. As adults we often worry about our own weight, but what about the increasing rate of childhood obesity? While we want to shield children from the reality of our weight-obsessed world; we also want to instill healthy habits as childhood obesity continues to grow at an alarming rate.In fact, in the U.S. 1... View Article

Mar 19 2013

Did you know that March 30th is Doctor’s Day?  If your doctor were to have super powers, what would those powers be?  Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU wants to know.  To celebrate our doctors, we are asking the children of Richmond to show us what super power their favorite doctors has on our Doctor’s Day coloring page. Enter the contest and your page could be featured in a print... View Article

Mar 15 2013