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#Shift4Health – Small Shifts – Big Benefits

Published by , on May 14, 2015

Shift for Health is the theme for VCU Medical Center’s exclusive medical sponsorship of Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships. Our participation in this important international event is a clear reflection of the world-class health care that we provide.

Shift for Health will carry on long after the race is over by encouraging team members, their families and members of our community to make small shifts in their exercise, diet and lifestyle habits that will add up to big differences in their health and well-being.

Meet Shift Champion – Lauren Pagac, certified pediatric nurse

Lauren had a very compelling reason to improve her health—she wanted to set a good example for her 18-month-old daughter and be able to keep up with her little ball of energy. So she made several shifts for health. She joined Weight Watchers® and the gym, and every day—along with a group of her colleagues—she walks to work from M lot (over a mile from the hospital!).

Lauren and members of her team at work challenge each other by wearing Fitbits® and pedometers and even having impromptu “running of the stairs.” She advises others, “Walk whenever you can, just get moving. Choose the healthier foods, it is true that once you give up junk food your cravings change, it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.” Now 32 pounds lighter and able to walk 5 miles with ease, Lauren is a true Shift Champion.


Have you made a #Shift4Health? Share your shift in the comments below.



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