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How are you going to #SpreadCheer this holiday?

Published by , on Dec 1, 2013

13_VCUHS_12-Days-of-Cheer-Sign_shorter‘Tis the season and just like Santa, we’ve been busy preparing for the holidays! Many of you probably remember us asking you to send us your stories of appreciation for our wonderful doctors and staff during last year’s 12 Days of Holiday Cheer. In return, we released a special video, which turned out to be quite a hit!This year, we’re asking our friends to tell us how they’re going to #SpreadCheer during the holiday season. CHoR’s team works year-round to help patients and families feel at home while visiting the hospital, which can be a big task during the holidays! That’s why we’re looking to boost our holiday cheer like never before! So, are you ready to help Richmond spread more cheer than the North Pole?We need your help to make our cheer-o-meter reach 1,200 acts of cheer by December 31, 2013. You can #SpreadCheer by:

Keep checking back on our blog and Facebook page each day to see what other exciting things we’re doing to help #SpreadCheer… including the 12 day countdown to our secret CHoR music video debut and Young House Love’s exciting holiday makeover reveal of our Kiwanis Family Care Center.Let’s make the 2013 holiday season memorable for children in the hospital by spreading cheer! So, how are you going to #SpreadCheer this holiday season? 

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